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Researchers interested by the theme or the equipment can conduct research projects at NeuroLab. We offer many strategies for collaboration, for example:

  • Support in the design of projects in educational neuroscience
  • Support in the utilization of our equipment in related domains
  • All-inclusive data collection, with or without preparation and subsequent analysis
  • Lease of equipment and laboratory time

Industrial partners interested in our research results or in the use of our installations are welcome at NeuroLab. NeuroLab can participate in R&D initiatives funded by private investments and research projects in partnership with the industry.

Students willing to conduct their thesis research in our installations are invited to make an appointment with the director of NeuroLab to discuss ideas for masters or doctoral work. Collaborations in terms of student supervision with colleagues from UQAM, other universities in Québec, or abroad are possible.

In all cases, people interested are invited to contact us at their earliest convenience.

Publications and the portfolio of innovations are available by contacting Julien Mercier.

julien mercier

Julien Mercier, Ph.D
Director, NeuroLab
(514) 987-3000  |  ext 1091

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