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  • Actualités UQAM - 10 décembre 2015

    Researchers at NeuroLab study learning processes with state-of-the-art equipement. Read article in French

  • LE DEVOIR - 10 octobre 2015

    In recent years, interest for educational neuroscience has increased considerably. Is this growing enthusiasm justified? To a certain extent, say UQAM researchers Line Laplante and Julien Mercier. There are possibilities to better understand learning disabilities and design better interventions, but this recent discipline is far from being a panacea. See article in French

  • Actualités UQAM - 9 janvier 2014

    Nine professors from UQAM have received more than 3.2 millions of dollars at the last competition of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (John-R.-Evans Leaders' Fund), in order to strenghten research in domains such as cancer treatment, popular culture in Quebec, and learning processes. See article in French

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